• Location: United States


I am in my mid-30's mother of 3 mostly adorable girls (11, 9 and 1)and wife to a very funny man.

My oldest daughter, Bug is fully in the throes of tweenagerdom. She is a good kid who loves to shop and play soccer. Her nickname comes from what we have called her since she was a baby.

Middle Daughter, Chatty, loves to talk hence the nickname. Parenting Chatty is tough sometimes as she has ADHD with ODD to complement it and is also at high risk for anxiety/depression. She is loving and kind when she wants to be.

Smiley is the baby, our surprise blessing who came into our lives last year. She smiles and smiles and is by far the most laid back baby in the world. She brings us all joy in her smile and cute things she does.

Hubby is a teacher/soccer coach and is a hoot. He makes me laugh like no one else can. He is my biggest supporter and has a way of seeing the other side of things. He is absolutely my soul mate no matter how much I might bitch about him.

That is my family in a nutshell.