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Finding the right balance can be SO hard. I, too, find myself sensoring because there are some things I want to right about, but am afraid I will cause undue worry to those who know me. I like having a blog and I like having it as a way for my family and friends to keep up with me, but being open about my identity does hinder me at times. I've thought about having two blogs - the one I currently have, and one that is TOTALLY anonymous. I haven't actually done it, but may move toward that direction soon.

I don't really have any suggestions. I just wanted to let you know I understand your conflicted thoughts.


How about Wordpress? It is free and I do believe that you can lock down certain posts.


AHhhhh Hi! Ok, so I forgot to have the comments sent to my email, so I had to come and comment here. I fixed that, but because I'd used Typepad when I last had my blog, I had no real clue how to use Blogger. But I am back and I did move...I explained that a bit more today. We live in Denver now, moved last year. Ok, so I need to come and read your archives, ut I need to take chicken little to swimming lessons. SO I'll be back, I promise. Are you really done blogging? Ok, I'll talk to you soon. My new email is issascrazyworld@gmail.com

I've missed you and I'm so glad you saw my comment at POW's site.



You are right. It IS that time of year...

As for the balance... I dunno. But blog for you! Maybe your blog could be about the childhood memories you want to share with you girls? Not just their childhoods but memories from your own?

My readership is down as well. Seems I spent so much time blogging a year ago at this time, I wasn't doing much else. Had to pull back. Don't post as often or visit others as much (sorry.) But I had to figure out a way to blog AND take care of other responsibilities.

One of the reasons I blog is because I wish I would have gotten to know my grandmothers better. I wish I could have known how my mom was feeling at some tough times in her life. I blog so I have that record. So if my son or his future children, grandchildren want to know about their history, they'll have an idea of where they get that inappropriate sense of humor or dorkiness. (They an blame me. heehee.)

Sorry this comment probably didn't help you much... But please hang in there. You are a great blogger. Your gentle, compassionate, introspective nature shines through in your blog.


I think it might be a combination of "time of the year" and whatever else you're feeling. I've always said it was my blog and even if some people I know do read my blog I never really censored myself, 'cause it is mine to do/write what I want! Just today I joined a "group" called "I Blog Guiltfree", because at times I feel guilty for not commenting as much as I should, etc. If you keep on blogging, I'll keep on reading. If you move, please tell me. Good luck with that, and do what your heart tells you.


Sometimes you just need to stop and reassess: Why are you doing this? What do you want to get out of it? What is the story you want to tell?

It seems so obvious but sometimes you just need a little clarity.

And remember, telling it honestly isn't the same as telling it all. Aren't we all far too complex to ever get the entire story out there anyway?

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