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Mr Lady

Honey, I'll tell you something. My mother beat me until I bled and chased my with baseball bats. You are HUMAN. We cry, we scream, we lose it. It doesn't make us bad moms. It makes up PEOPLE. Call your doctor, get the help you need, but you (and I don't know you, but I'm betting I'm right here) are not my mother any more than I am. People like MY mother can never see it. Mine still can't understand why I haven't called home in 17 years. YOU are trying, and that really, really matters.

PS: now you have my email. Now you have someone.


I wish there were some magical words I could write to take it all away. Being a mom is one TOUGH job...it's overwhelming and you're never off duty. And not only is it tough but there's that rotten thing called mother guilt always lurking around. I've 'known' you for quite awhile and I see you as an attentive, loving mom. When we're at our low points that gets all out of whack and what we see/feel is all jumbled up. (If that makes sense.)Stick with your plan of seeing your dr. and if only for a few minutes a week take a breather from it all. Even if it's only a solo trip to buy a loaf of bread. You also have my email, keep your tweets going too. Take care friend......


I will email you STAT.


I'm sorry you forgot your wallet. I missed seeing you, but we'll make it happen sometime.

I understand the lacking a friend thing. I lost my best friends when I went through my last major bipolar episode over two years ago. They walked out on me and I've yet to find new friendships (probably a trust issue on my part). It's hard to have only a husband to vent to. It's not the same as having girlfriends.

Do you have a good psychiatrist. If not, mine ROCKS and he's in your area.

Be good to yourself.


Amy, hugs to you, seriously. I've been on something for almost a year. Even now with the baby, I just can't not be on it. The crying and the anxiety alone make it hard to cope, and that doesn't even go into the rest of it. I hope you call someone and I hope that it gets better quick. You deserve happiness and your girls do too.

If you ever need to talk, I'll listen. I know it's not the same, but I promise to listen.

Hugs, Issa

Jenny, Bloggess

You are human. And normal. We're all flawed. I made the mistake of going off my zoloft for a few days and now I'm in the darkest hole. Just know that you'll see the sun again soon. That's what I keep telling myself.

Thinking of you...

Jenny, Bloggess

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