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1. My best friend and I broke up my freshman year of college and found ourselves mending things ten years later. We have very different viewpoints on things, but we love each other, regardless. Things may turn around. Time does heal wounds (but I will admit, not all of them).

2. I desperately want to know who this person is, but I can't think of who it might be.

3. Come to homecoming this year. K?


Sometimes it's better to let go... and be happy.


Oh! and Happy Belated Birthday! Only 5 days late, not sooo bad... Hope it was a good one!


Hey how are you doing? Just wanted to check in and see if you are doing okay. Keep missing you on Twitter. Hugs, Issa


it's hard when that happens. i wonder if my once close friend feels as you do? we stopped talking YEARS ago, and while i've thought about her, i never thought to invite her to my wedding, or involve her in my life. the thing is, while i miss parts of her, i don't miss how things ended and how sour they got. and i don't feel like there is a hole missing where she was once. i guess i don't really miss her friendship? i dunno... but mine was literally YEARS between speaking- not 1 year. it's weird she wouldn't have even told you, but then again- maybe not weird..... i mean, you guys only spoke when tragedies happened and so maybe she just didn't feel like you were a part of her everyday life anymore, so you didn't need to be updated on it?!?! i don't know, but i'm sorry you're hurting and i'm sorry i've rambled this long and incoherently on your fucking blog. lol

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