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Not having kids, I'm a little lost on the High School Musical phenomenon, but when it came to my state recently, the newspaper had DAILY features about it. To the point where it had a mock yearbook layout with a description of each "student."
I'm sure you earned big mom points for this one. But good luck with the screaming. I suggest earplugs.


That IS being a good mommy! My daughter would kill for those tickets!


Yeay Mom. You rock!


Awww, Audrey's 'contribution' brought tears to my eyes. Sounds like you made a great investment, Mom! Enjoy!!!


This actually got me really excited for the day my daughter is old enough to get excited about this kind of thing. Just thinking about bringing her to the Nutcracker for the first time gets me annoyingly teary.

Enjoy the show - and thanks so much for the nice comment at my place that led me back here.

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