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SOunds like it was quite an evening. And so cool about the girls feeling the baby's movements.


It was GREAT wasn't it! When we saw it I couldn't quit watching my daughter and her excitement during the show. They will remember it forever. ;)


It sounds like you had quite an evening. My oldest can NOT stop talking about the school concert in April. You'd think she went to Julliard instead of some miniscule elementary school in the middle of nowhere. I will be the proudest parent in the room, and I'll take a bunch of pictures that won't come out.


Shopper knows how these lyrics stick in my head - "Stick with the Status Quo!"

So glad you guys had fun. The experience really is priceless.

We're all in this together...


Good for you! They'll remember this forever -- I still remember when my grandparents took me to see the Ice Capades (yes, that DOES date me, doesn't it?), and I was only about 6 at the time!

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